Absolut Fringe Awards

I’ve just been looking through nominations for the Absolut Fringe Awards, and it’s all very exciting …

I think the best review of ‘Man of Valour’ was that the performance was so good it made people want to give up acting, so I would be tempted to storm the stage if Paul Reid doesn’t win the Best Male Performer Award.

I’m also hoping Stefanie Preissner wins Best Female for ‘Our Father’ (which I was hoping would be nominated for the awesome writing as well), and ‘Pocket Music’ would be well deserving of the Little Gem Award … nothing quite like a show that you can run to on your dinner break from work and thoroughly enjoy, but still make it back to work before the boss notices you were gone.

I’m pleased to see ‘You Can’t Just Leave There’s Always Something’ nominated after their sell out run, but sadly I was on the wrong side of ‘sold out’ so I’m mostly working on being massively biased by knowing some of the cast.

Other than that I’d just be speculating so I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my mouth shut.

Good luck to all the nominees; I’ll see you at the party later!


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