Next up in festival land …

You may be getting to the stage of needing to rob a bank or sell your grandmother to fund the theatre going, but we’re not quite there yet. Still recovering from the Absolut Fringe (and the wrap party) we are powering straight on into the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival which starts on Thursday.

Sneaking in from previous fringe festivals are the wonderful I ♥ Alice ♥ I by Amy Conroy,  Fight Night (which began life in last year’s ‘s ‘Show in a Bag’), Heroin, and World’s End Lane (part 1 of a 4 part site-specific series, of which Laundry is part two).

I’m also hoping to beg, steal or borrow my way into Peer Gynt (partly because I love the poster), The Blue Boy from Brokentalkers, and Juno and the Paycock at The Abbey.

Repeat after me … ‘I love instant noodles. I love instant noodles.’

N.B If you’re getting impatient to see the bright shiny new website; we are currently polishing its edges so it will be the sparkling and beautiful land you all deserve; it should be ready to enter the world next week. Now it’s time for our field trip to Tipperary, so let’s get our acting hats on.


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