Training and beyond

‘Good actors are not produced overnight, and the end of their training marks the beginning not the end of their development.’

People may ask why The Jack Burdell Experience was founded … There is a great article by Di Trevis in The Guardian: Are drama schools training actors for real life? that explains it far more eloquently than I could.

The reactions from ‘real people’ when you say you’re an actor can vary quite spectacularly…but the majority include the sentiment “ooh that’s a tough profession, there aren’t many jobs are there?” No, that’s true; but there aren’t many jobs for anyone, so the playing field is looking decidedly more level these days. The experiences of each actor may vary spectacularly as well, but nearly every actor will find themselves with rather more time on their hands than usual at some point in their career.

The Jack Burdell Experience exists to help avoid that … it is already keeping us highly entertained; but we hope to encourage and inspire others to start creating and discussing, continue learning, and avoid getting bored and forgetting everything we know already. So in the least sinister way possible … join us!


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