Skills, hobbies, and general merriment

One of the things I love (and occasionally get frustrated with) about my chosen career, is the amount of time I can spend thinking about it, working on it, or trying to get more work for it.

But the most interesting nugget of advice I ever heard, is that the best way to excel is to develop other interests as well. This was proffered by Michael Fassbender, who was busy training to run a bar when he hit ‘the big time’ (he came to do a talk in college; never before has so much swooning and avid note taking happened so simultaneously).

It may be that this other pastime helps you pay the bills without wanting to stab yourself in the eye every time you go to work.

Or you may find yourself using what had previously been a hobby, in your work (this is most definitely true for me at the moment).

But it’s not really important that whatever you find yourself doing earns you money, or contributes directly to your work; because the best thing about doing something other than EXACTLY what you may want to be doing, is that it makes you more interesting.

– For a possible employer, it makes you more fun to talk to, and takes away some of the look in your eye that suggests you’re SO hungry for the job that you’ll chew their leg off.

– For you, it helps fight off the fear about what you’re doing, what everyone else is doing, and what you’re meant to be doing toward ‘the career’. It means that when you’re not working, you get a sense of achievement, and don’t feel the weight of having so many hours to fill every day (24 seems like a lot sometimes). It means if you are working, you have something to do in your free moments to take your mind off what’s done and what’s next.

All in all, you have something to talk about, to think about, and to write about … then, if you want, to complain, argue, and dream about.

REMEMBER: All the best ponies can do more than one trick.

p.s The deadline for our ‘Collaborations’ festival is fast approaching, so remember to submit your application (or your cv and headshot for actors) by 6pm on Monday.


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