The long and winding road

Here at The Jack Burdell Experience, we’re beavering away with secret plans and clever tricks for our  ‘Collaborations’ Festival in February. In the intervening months; producers will meet directors, directors will find actors, and the whole team involved in creating a show will come together and bring something to life: For each project, and for the festival as a whole.

I’ve just been reading through the ‘Theatre Masterclass‘ series from The Guardian. I’d like to understand what each area of a production does, even if I’m not directly involved in it … I figure that if in doubt, the more areas you can contribute to, the better. Though the budget and scale of different Plays and Films may contrast wildly; what has to be achieved at the heart of any project isn’t so dissimilar. Parts of our programme are going to be short and the budget is minimal; but we hope to create the same levels of excellence.

We’re on the way to finalising the programme, but we would still love to hear from you if you’d like to be involved. Any Producers, Directors, Stage Managers, Lighting Designers, Actors, and those ready to get their hands good and dirty; are encouraged to send a cv and short cover letter to, highlighting any relevant experience.

Let’s get this show on the road!


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