A little Tom Hollander

‘You have to let the camera come to you, whereas when you’re on a stage you push it out to the back row.’

In my wanderings, looking out for random theatrical titbits; I came across an interview with Tom Hollander on BBC Radio 6 Music … he was on Lauren Laverne’s morning show on Monday 7th, so you can listen again on the website for the next 7 days only. (He appears at about 1 hour 43 if you’re skipping through.)

I’ve thought he was wonderful ever since watching ‘Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel, and Lawrence’ for the 1st time (very high-brow I know!) – I like people like Hollander who seem to be genuinely interested in acting and being good at it. He seems to work on a real range of different projects in Film, Television, and Theatre; and completely steals the show as Mr Collins in the Joe Wright version of Pride and Prejudice.

I would also recommend Lauren Laverne’s show in general, as they play great music and talk to some very interesting people … clearly I listen online, as I’m usually in the wrong country to get it on the radio. Plus my radio still lives in England anyway.


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