It’s the Final Countdown (da da da da dadadadada)

Despite my continued efforts to play it cool, it is with a certain nervous excitement that I say:  We now have only ONE week till The Jack Burdell Experience’s first ever festival ‘COLLABORATIONS’ starts!

Thank you to all who came to the Launch on Thursday; it was a wonderful evening, and great to see so many of you there. If you’d like to see who we caught on the red carpet, they are available on Facebook.

If you haven’t picked up a programme yet, they are available online at, from The Gaiety School of Acting, and from our Smock Alley box office when it opens on the 6th.

Since you can find out all about our shows elsewhere, I will attempt to give some slightly more cryptic inspiration. I should say at this point, some are slightly more related to our shows than others, but it all works in my head.

Listen to: Moonlight Bay

Play: Monopoly

Watch: Shame

Read: The Bell Jar

Learn: The Accordion

Go: Feed the birds

Then: think about home, wear a costume, and ALWAYS be nice to staff in shops.


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