It’s Here, It’s Finally Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is well and truly nigh!

Over the last few weeks and months, 2 full length shows: ‘I Was an Emperor’ and The Muse Unbidden’, plus 14 one-act plays and works in progress have been written, discussed over coffee and/or pints, read, rehearsed, and plotted. We are now in the final throes of preparation…lights are being rigged, posters are being hung, costumes are being ironed, and the venue is being dressed (complete with bunting and Buddha bags).

Our first preview of ‘I Was an Emperor’ is on tomorrow night at 9pm. On Tuesday and Wednesday this will be joined by a triple bill of ‘Trainee’, ‘The Seeds’, and ‘The Lost Art of Not Blinking’; and on Thursday and Friday we’ll move onto ‘The Fact of the Matter’, ‘Shrewsbury Road’, ‘Fragmented’ and ‘Gloria’. On Saturday for the true theatre junkies, you have the opportunity to sample all the week’s offerings, before moving into an entirely new programme for Week Two. Full details of our shows can be found on our website. You can book tickets on or pop into our box office in the shiny new Smock Alley Theatre foyer from 4pm every day (or 1pm on Saturdays).

Now I don’t mean to sound too forward, but … all this is for you.  So I look forward to seeing you there.



The Jack Burdell Experience



6th – 18th February

Smock Alley Theatre, Exchange Street Lower, Dublin.


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