Living in a Festival … Week Two

So this is Week Two. As well as some cracking theatre, I am also sustained by Coffee; Di Fontaine’s; the reliance on a COLLABORATIONS t-shirt to make sure that however random my outfits get due to lack of clean clothes, I can’t go far wrong; Chocolate Biscuit Cake; drinks in The Garage, the radiator in the stairwell; and a little Simon & Garfunkel to walk me home.

I’m still getting my head around the fact that after all the talking, the planning, the cups of tea, and the whispers of ‘Are we crazy?’ we, The Jack Burdell Experience, are in the 2nd week of the COLLABORATIONS festival, and it is going pretty darn well. Sure there are things we’ll do differently next time; but the important thing is that I’d like there to be a next time.

I’m incredibly proud of the 8 shows that have been presented so far, and we have begun our second week with a preview of the hugely exciting The Muse Unbidden, which I can’t wait to share over the next 5 days with as many people as possible. It’s funny, sad, and shows some incredible characters … not to be missed.

Tomorrow we delve into Block C with Flock, Twisted Focus’s Work in Progress piece, and Cornerstones; Block D starts on Thursday, and on top of all that, we have a rehearsed reading of The Sylvia on Saturday.

I have a horrible feeling it will all be over before we know it, so don’t miss the opportunity to get booking, get watching, pop in to visit us in Smock Alley Theatre, and let us (and the whale, who I believe is called Aloysius) know what you think!


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