On ‘Culture’ and Where You Like to Hear About it

I would like to open up something to the floor …

Dear Actors, Writers, Directors, and general artsy people who are fans of Theatre, Film, and ‘Culture’,

I would like to know what newspapers you read for inspiration, what blogs you read when you’re bored, and where you go for news, reviews, and general merriment … why are they your favourites? This is not a rhetorical question, I’d actually like to know.

This is partly because I’m nosey; partly because I am always looking for new sources of inspiration to make this blog the best it can be (and to while away quiet moments in my ‘other’ job); and partly because one of those newspaper type people asked me, because I’m one of those theatre/blogging types.

In the spirit of ‘you show me yours if I’ll show you mine’, here are some of my favourites, some more theatrical than others:


The Guardian (they have a cracking theatre blog in particular)

Irish Times (I enjoyed the ‘Streep’s Success a Triumph of Mediocrity’ headline)

The Sunday Times Culture Supplements (I love living with someone who buys Sunday Times so I can read the magazines)

The Stage



This Greedy Pig


Culture cafe on 2XM (particularly since they featured us!)

Rise Productions Podcast

So please don’t be shy. Let us know what you like to read, look at, or listen to; or give some suggestions about what you’d like to see on this blog … leave a comment on here, email us at thejackburdellexperience@gmail.com, Facebook, Twitter…you know the drill.


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