A little brightness

‘Are you still writing the blog?’ Someone asked.

Why, yes. Yes I am, I have just been very bold and not updated it recently. I apologise.

Today I was asked whether the recession has had much of an impact personally. Firstly I wanted to shout, or possibly use some sort of stage whisper to say … ‘I don’t care about the recession.’ Yes, bad things have clearly happened. People have lost jobs, lost funding, or not been able to get jobs in the first place. I, and many many other people, are skint. But I think discussion of the recession (most of the time) is on par with the ‘So I hear acting is a tough profession’ conversation.

The flip side of everyone being absolutely screwed is that there now seems to be a lot of people out there ignoring this, or rather determinedly doing cool stuff anyway just to prove the recession wrong … screw you, money! New companies are popping up, new writers are writing cracking things (just take a look at Fishamble’s Tiny Plays in The Project Arts Centre) and there seem to be more exciting new things happening around the country (Cork and Navan have been popping up in conversation, Limerick has a 24 hour Theatre Project coming up as part of River Fest in May, I’m sure there’s much more!) than there have been for years.

As well as all the making stuff, there is also some sterling work going on to get it made in the first place … Fund It seems pretty darn superb, people are table quizzing like never before, and there seems to be a great culture of helping people find the creative teams they need; passing on news about what to watch about town; and making the effort to go and watch it.

So today I will be looking at the shiny happy side of things, despite being fully aware of the other side lurking there persistently. Today I heard about some very exciting plans afoot, including the Smock Alley Players; a group of former Fishamble writing students (Scarlet Exchange) putting together their 2nd series of short plays; and the upcoming Ramblin Man production of True West. Plus I was in an audition where they mentioned that they had heard about the COLLABORATIONS festival and how well it went, which always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

 So if you would like to take a moment to feel shiny and happy about things with me, then that would good … might as well try it and see at least.


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