A little oddity for a sunny afternoon

A long overdue tale I’d like to tell …

As some of you may have noticed, we at The Jack Burdell Experience have a less-vocal fifth member of the company. Is he a pet? Is he a silent partner? Is he our poster boy and ‘the face’ of Jack Burdell? Is he some sort of Oracle who advises us what to do, but is never seen by regular people? That has yet to be decided. Either way, I would like to introduce him formally. His name is Aloysius, and he is our Whale.

Aloysius (pronounced aloo-ish-us) joined us when the lovely Jen Darcy launched us spectacularly onto the internet at the beginning of October, with our website. Maybe he was attracted by the nautical sense of the word ‘launch’; maybe he just sensed he would be among like-minded people (using ‘people’ in the loosest of senses if course.)  Whatever his reasons, he joined us and became a stalwart figure of support. This role grew as we organised and presented our COLLABORATIONS festival, at which point Aloysius leapt onto the front of our t-shirts (like a poster boy) and invited people to leave thoughts and tales for him in the Smock Alley Foyer … he wanted me to convey his thanks, and let you know that he loved them all, particularly the picture of a penguin wearing sunglasses.

Here are a few things that make Aloysius who he is:

  • His parents chose the name Aloysius because they thought it was onomatopoeic, and sounds like the sea.
  • He is a huge fan of the theatre, although he finds it difficult to attend regularly due to a lack of water inside most of them …his favourites are open-air shows performed on beaches, and he saw a cracking production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in Bray a few years ago.
  • Musically, he is a fan of Lisa HanniganBritish Sea Power, and Noah and the Whale
  • He would also like to read more plays, but the pages keep getting wet.
  • He likes ‘Jaws’, but thought ‘Free Willy’ was rubbish.
  • His favourite hobbies are blowing bubbles, ten-pin bowling, and sticking his tail in the air.
  • He sometimes gets self-conscious that his eyes are too small (I disagree)


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