Go on, you know you want to …

Oh ladies and gentlemen what lucky lucky things you are!

Why, you ask? Because there are some AWESOME plays on around Dublin at the moment. Let’s be honest, it’s cold again so you might as well go into a nice cosy theatre and have a darned good time. If ever there was a time to test out how many plays you can visit in a week (I’m definitely hitting up 4, hoping to squeeze in 5), it would be now.

So where do you start? Here are some of the highlights:

First and foremost in my mind, Alice in Funderland at the Abbey (till Saturday 12th May). I have never seen such a buzz in an audience as there was last night; by the interval I was planning to go again so if you need someone to go with, I’ll go with you … all of you … just as long as you see it. The whole show looks beautiful, the songs are great and will probably be stuck in my head for the forseeable future, Sarah Greene’s singing gives me goose bumps, and I didn’t think Paul Reid could get any better … then someone gave him a pair of roller skates.

Next up, Durang Durang is back! (Project Arts Centre, till Saturday) Our friends from Brazen Tales bring you 6 short plays by the wonderful Christopher Durang; all bouncy, and fun, and hilarious. Yes, your face will hurt from all the laughing; but it will be worth it.

One that I have yet to see, but have heard great things about is Monster/Clock. If you don’t trust me, trust the Irish Independent: ‘the group’s deft manipulation of puppetry, music, dance, comedy and philosophy to make one seamlessly funny and uplifting steam-punk adventure’. More and more people are gushing about it through the medium of Facebook, and it’s so popular they have added a few extra dates next week on the 11th, 12th, and 14th. So book your tickets as soon as possible, and I’ll see you there.

Finally (for now), I am VERY excited to see Pan Pan‘s production of Ibsen’s  A Doll House in the bright shiny new main space of Smock Alley (I snuck a peek…it’s pretty). If their previous work, and their awesome poster are anything to go by, this isn’t going to be just any old Ibsen play.

So who needs nights at home … or food … or anything else for that matter. Let’s weather the storm in the Theatre and reemerge when it’s spring time again.


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