‘The Fear’ and all who create despite it.

Most people who pursue a creative line of work, are not normal. If you thought you were, please bear in mind this quotation from Alice in Wonderland.

However, I like to think this might be one of the best things about us. After all, if any members of The Jack Burdell Experience were remotely sane, we wouldn’t have dreamt of putting on the ‘Collaborations’ festival; but we did, we liked it, and we want to do it again next year in some way, shape, or form.

Part of the reason for believing we’re all as mad as a bag of badgers (or ‘mad as a court of ferrets’ as my father put it recently) is of course the crazy, ingenious ideas people come up with for projects.

But possibly the most significant part of our collective lunacy, is that we have the balls to actually bring these crazy projects to life. We don’t need to just sit there saying ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’; we can actually find a way to do it, and call it work.

An amazing example of this is musician Felix Hagan, a buddy of mine from school … he was intrigued by musicals, so he wrote one. He is a control freak, so he keeps learning new instruments just to be the one playing it on the album. That’s the sort of dedication to exploring we get to play with. (You can hear more about his own personal brand of eccentricity this interview from passion pods.)

Sadly, I don’t mean that we’re immune to fear. The exciting thing is that we’re powering on through (or hoping to) despite all that. It may seem odd for anyone voluntarily choosing to pursue a career in acting, but I find not knowing what is going to happen and what I’ll be doing absolutely terrifying … if, like me, you frequently find yourself wanting to curl up in a ball under the desk to avoid doing the next thing that’s scaring you, I’d recommend this article from raptitude.

For example, if we were normal, we wouldn’t put ourselves through auditions (which, though usually fine when you get there, are probably on par with meeting your boyfriends parents for the 1st time in terms of dread). Most people have interviews, find a job, and then stick with it precisely so they don’t have to do that again for as long as possible. However, on the flip side we get to A) dress up for a living, B) share all the crazy things in our heads with someone other than a therapist without the danger of being sectioned, C) get to do a lot more hugging than other people seem to, and D) have a permanent excuse for going to the theatre or cinema, going to the park, listening to music, or really going anywhere or doing anything; all in the name of research.

So in a nutshell, I’d like to salute you all for being creative. If you have fallen into a nest of fear, I’d urge you to climb out, carry on, and discover that the outcome is rarely as scary as the nightmares you have built up around it … either it’ll all work itself out, or you’ll have a cracking story in hindsight. You may be picturing something that feels like the horse falling into the quicksand in Never Ending Story, but real life is seldom like that film. So thank you all for being a little bit crazy in your own special ways.


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