A Slice of Theatrical Gluttony

It has been a while, and for that I apologise. You may be sitting at home, looking dejectedly out of the window and mourning the loss of Summer. But dry those eyes, put away the slippers and hot water bottle, and venture outside to the magical world of Theatre.

We in Dublin are VERY spoiled for choice at the moment, and I believe there is something for everyone. Let’s see …

ONE FESTIVAL: 10 Days in Dublin (Theatre, Music, Comedy, Art. Various Venues, until Saturday 14th)

ONE FOR FAMILIES (or the young at heart): Daylight Robbery (Players Theatre, Trinity, 1pm until Saturday 14th. €7.50/5)

ONE FOR SEX, DRUGS, ROCK & ROLL: Heroin(e) for Breakfast (Smock Alley Studio, 8pm until Thursday 12th €12/10)

ONE FOR THE WESSHHT: Playboy of the Western World (Smock Alley Theatre, 7.30pm July 10th until August 5th. €15/10)

ONE FOR THE SUITS: Glengarry Glen Ross (The Gate, 7.30pm, until Saturday 14th. Tues – Thurs €32 Fri-Sat €35)

ONE FOR THE THEATRE CROWD: The House (The Abbey, 7.30, until Saturday 14th. €13 – €40)

ONE FOR NEW SPACES: Perfidia (TheatreUpstairs, Lanigan’s, Eden Quay, until Jul 14th 1pm €10 incl. lunch)

So go forth, watch plays, encourage others to watch plays, and wait for the summer to come back (probably for a day or two in September).


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