For the Fringe (so far)

Happy mid-way through the Fringe Festival! What are your highlights so far? It’s a slightly funny one because a lot of stuff just finished and a lot of new stuff started today. But despite this, here are some of my favourite moments and near misses so far:

What I loved: Solpadeine is my Boyfriend ( I hope it comes back so everyone can see it)

What I disliked but other people seemed to love: POP

What I’m super proud to have been in: All Hell Lay Beneath (Too much fun, even with a venue change)

What I’m raging to have missed: Broadening (Please come back…I missed it!)

What I wasn’t expecting: Ok Ok (4 audience, no actors)

What I’m watching today: Bandit (Woohoo!)

What I should have booked because I think it’s sold out: Green Street (I should have known)

What I’ve heard about: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit (A different actor every day!)

8 shows down (I may be cheating slightly by working Front of House at some of them) But many many more to come I hope!


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