Collaborations festival 2013

We at The Jack Burdell Experience are in the process of organising our 2nd ever COLLABORATIONS festival for February/March next year … Woohoo! Guidelines and Applications will appear on our website imminently; but to wet your appetiteand give a better idea of what you could look forward to, we have asked some of last years participants to share a few thoughts of their experience.

First up, is the wonderful Gerry McCann, who rocked the 2012 Festival with ‘Every Doris Has His Day’, starring Ian Lloyd Anderson:

Hi Jack
I am deeply grateful to Jack Burdell for giving me the chance to have my short play, Every Doris Has His Day, performed.
I had the nucleus of the piece written and left undeveloped  for.a couple of years but it would have stayed that way without John Delaney’s encouragement and without having the production date as a deadline to work to.
John organised for a great young actor, Ian Lloyd Anderson, to perform the one-man play unpaid !
Together with Ian and with the advice of John and Paul Meade I was able to develop the script. This was only the second time I ever had the chance to have something I’d written produced and my third time directing.
The reaction to the play varied. Some were very affected by it as it was and others wanted to see aspects of it developed beyond its 18 minutes. Personally I am satisfied that Doris said all I wanted to say about the central character and am delighted to have had the chance to say it.
Thank you again Jack Burdell
Gerry McCann
Keep an eye on our website, Twitter @jackburdell, and Facebook /jackburdell for more news about COLLABORATIONS and how to apply. More words of wisdom from our lovely 2012 participants will be appearing over the next few days and weeks. Time to start writing, devising, and plotting your secret plans and clever tricks.

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