Collaborations Festival 2012 – participant interviews III

Welcome to part III of our feedback interviews from 2012 Collaborations participants. Bairbre Guilfoyle wrote ‘Cornerstones’: one of our 20 minute pieces which is part of a larger play currently being written:


Q. How did you hear about the Collaborations festival? 

My friend Philip St John told me about it – think he may have heard about it from Liam Halligan but couldn’t swear to it

 Q. What role did you play in your show? 

I wrote the script

Q. Did you put in your own application or work on someone else’s show? 

Put in my own application

Q. How did the idea come about and how did it develop? 

It comes from a novel I wrote about 4 years ago

Q. How did you gather cast/crew for your show? 

You very kindly got me a director and actors

 Q. How long was your piece? 

20 minutes

Q. Did you see it as a work in progress or a fully formed piece? 

At the time I saw it as a small stand alone piece that had the potential to become a larger piece

Q. What were the biggest challenges you faced? 

I had absolutely no experience of writing for theatre so had to learn quickly what was and wasn’t possible for actors to do

 Q. What were the greatest moments or breakthroughs?

No idea – it was all a bit of a blur

 Q. What would you do differently? 

Nothing really – except maybe video record one of the performances

Q. What were your favourite moments of the festival?

Couldn’t say – possibly watching my piece being performed for the first time

Q. Has your piece developed since the Festival? 

A small piece of the piece was selected for a rehearsed reading at the 24/7 Theatre Festival in Manchester in August and I’m working on a full length of the original

Q. What have you been working on since? 

Working on a full length version of the play, hoping for a rehearsed reading at Collaborations 2013 and a full performance next Summer

Q. What words of wisdom would you like to impart to someone considering taking part? 

Just go for it – I’d never considered myself a playwright before submitting to Collaborations 2012 and now I can’t wait to get stuck in to it again

Q. Any other thoughts? 

Not off the top of my head. Cheers


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