The End is Nigh …

You’ll be reassured to know that the title is not meant in quite as sinister a way as it may sound (although we’re running out of 2012, so if the Mayans were right about the Apocalypse we’re in pretty big trouble) … I was in fact referring to the application deadline for our super awesome 2013 Collaborations Festival!

If you were hoping to apply, then please start crossing those ‘t’s crossing those ‘i’s and dragging that idea out of your head and onto our application form: the closing date is midnight tomorrow night, Monday 5th of November.

We’ve already had lots of exciting and intriguing applications: some text-based, some movement, some dance; some 5 minutes, and some 50 … But we’re greedy. We like reading application forms and hearing ideas. So we want to hear from everyone who is considering applying, even if the computer cursor is still quivering over the ‘submit’ button … So go on. You know you want to.

We can’t wait to hear from you, read all the applications, and then fight it out in a number of epic meetings. Now we have hit November, I feel I can really say – Collaborations 2013 is a-coming, and I’m pretty darn excited!


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