News from inside the JB camp:

At the moment, we are enjoying a healthy debate on Theatre across the Internet (more specifically Facebook) which all sprung from an interview with Aaron Monaghan in the Irish Times. This post is not aiming to articulate my views on the state of Irish Theatre; maybe that will come at a later time. I just wish to salute all those reading writing, and getting passionate about Theatre, how it is now, and what we want to do with it. 

And now for what WE want to do with it … All of us at The Jack Burdell Experience offices are currently squirrelling away, organising our 2013 COLLABORATIONS Festival!!

We have received all the applications, met those we needed to meet with, and are now putting all these little gems into a programme that will show everything and everyone off to best effect. We had a massive amount of applications this year, and are very excited about the line-up which includes new writing, devised work, dance, poetry, and much more! The Fund-It campaign is just about to be released, and calls for Artists, Volunteers, and Interns are just about to go out (we’ll share on this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and our website.)

All in all it’s Go Go Go, and we can’t wait to make Collaborations 2013 even bigger and better than last year. We look forward to seeing you there!


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