On Volunteering

In an ideal world, I’d like to be paid for all the work I do. Sadly, this does not always happen. But in the break between 1st year and 2nd year of college, I discovered that the next best thing to being paid, is getting free stuff; particularly if you have earned it. I learned this during Fringe ’09 when I saw A LOT of free shows, many of which I wouldn’t have seen otherwise; and got to  know some people well enough to go on a road trip to Galway with them all a few days later.

Since then I’ve done 3 fringe festivals, 2 theatre festivals, and coming up to the 3rd JDIFF, which accounts for plenty of free tickets, and a great collection of t-shirts to sleep/lounge in. Plus I bonded with Smock Alley (in 2010) and got a job there (in 2012), I worked at Edinburgh festival, I performed in the fringe, I bonded with many many people (one of whom I now live with), and I became mental enough to join The Jack Burdell Experience and agree to be 1/4 of the team putting on the Collaborations Festival!

Clearly, every festival is a different experience to work at, and there is some hard work to do along the way; but I like to think that Collaborations is a nice place to volunteer. It’s great to see some of last year’s volunteers returning as participants, and some returning to join the volunteer team again.

So if you enjoy a complimentary t-shirt, if you like seeing shows/events which you may not otherwise have gone to, or if you like spending time with some fellow crazy artistic people, then why not give volunteering for Collaborations a shot?! We’re also looking for a couple of interns: people who are more interested in Stage Management/Production as a career, who might have a little experience already, and who are available to be there to help us out for the full run of the festival. To apply, just download the application-form and return to thejackburdellexperience@gmail.com by January 25th. There’s more information about the festival as a whole on jackburdellexperience.com

(By Emily: I write most of the blog but thought I better point it out this time since it’s more personal. Also, handy to point out since I’m coordinating the volunteers, so will be your 1st point of contact.)


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