Introducing the Hedgehog:

Last year, I told you the story of our 2012 mascot/Oracle/silent partner/glamorous assistant/poster boy Aloysius the Whale. Aloysius was a great help to us last year, as we launched our website and held our inaugural festival Collaborations 2012. Without him, maybe the festival would not have been the success that it was.

After the festival, Aloysius made the difficult decision to leave Dublin, and return to the open water for a while. He promised to return if we needed him, and handed over the festival to this year’s guest member of The Jack Burdell Experience: Harry Jeremy Hedgehog. After the official handover ceremony, Harry started his work promoting the festival.

The hedgehog’s message is simple … find something you Love, you’re Great at, and you Survive on. Where these 3 things overlap, you find your hedgehog. Officially ‘The Hedgehog Concept was invented by philosopher Isaiah Berlin, expanding on the ideas from  Archilochus’s ‘The Hedgehog and The Fox‘. It was also developed into a corporate leadership strategy; but Harry is more interested in the Hedgehog side than the corporate side. When The Jack Burdell Experience puts together what we Love, what we’re Great at, and what we Survive on, we get The Collaborations Festival: Collaborations is our Hedgehog, and Harry is our Hedgehog’s Hedgehog.

As our poster boy, Harry will be on the T-shirts, in the programme, and on the website. But he is SO much more than just a pretty face: Harry will also be travelling around Dublin asking people what their hedgehog is, and drumming up support for the Festival. He’ll be offering words of encouragement and wisdom to those that need it, and he’ll be asking you your thoughts about the festival, and the shows you see. 

So I thought now – a few days before Fund It and volunteer applications close, and one month before the festival starts; would be an excellent time to get to know Harry a little better.

Here are a few things that make Harry who he is:

  • His parents chose the name Harry, because they relate alliterative names to super heroes, and icons e.g Peter Parker, Clarke Kent, Marilyn Monroe, and Harry Houdini.
  • His favourite band is The Kinks
  • He is a huge fan of the theatre and film, although he sometimes has trouble with his spikes getting lodged in the seats, which can prove awkward when he stands up to leave at the end of the show.
  • Harry is a big fan of reading. His favourite authors are Beatrix Potter, Muriel Barbery, and Alison Uttley, and he just bought the play script of ‘Silent‘ (By Pat Kinevane) after seeing it in Smock Alley.
  • His favourite hobbies are curling up in a ball and rolling down hills, napping, and ‘accidentally on purpose’ poking people in the foot then looking cute so no one can get annoyed at him.

If you want to get in touch with Harry at any time, just email or write on our Facebook page. it takes Harry quite a long time to type, and there are a lot of typos cause by him having to walk across the keyboard; so he usually dictates things, and we write them down for him.


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