Wise Words

I always knew that the theatre was where I felt safe and strong – where I could say what my heart yearned to express. I still feel this … and am steely in my conviction that the theatre is a place for all, from all backgrounds and circumstances. Theatre should not be the property of the elite or those in the know – it should not be analysed by academia to the point of utter deconstruction. It should be available to all, speak to all, mirror all.

– From the Preface to the script for Silent and Forgotten by Pat Kinevane.

Some of the best plays leave you gushing to everyone about how wonderful they were, and some leave you with a stunned silence. The best often do both; like Silent by Pat Kinevane, which was on in Smock Alley recently and which is currently on tour along with another of his plays Forgotten. 

If you haven’t seen them yet, do!


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