Collaborations 2013: the week after the weekend!

Blimey! We have now completed the Opening Weekend of Collaborations 2013 … and what a weekend it was: There’s been a real buzz around the building (which someone compared to the crazy-cool atmosphere of Electric Picnic circa 2006), and our lovely shows In Rainbows, Block One (the marvellous Elephant, The Last Tirade, and Fishes),  and Starting Point(e) were greeted with sell-out shows, standing ovations, and glowing feedback. It is ridiculously exciting to see new shows get their 1st ever audience, then hear people discussing all the shows afterwards. Long may it continue …

Speaking of which, we’re plunging straight into even more high quality entertainment for you to enjoy.

The Sylvia by Philip StJohn, was first featured in Collaborations 2012 as a rehearsed reading. Since then, Liam Halligan and the team have continued to develop the play, supported by Fishamble’s ‘New Play Clinic’, and Rough Magic; and now it is ready to be released on the world as a full production! I first read the script in November 2011 and was in a few of the rehearsals and workshops over the year, so I’m ridiculously excited to see the finished product … so much so, that I haven’t let myself see any of the rehearsal with the full cast, so it can be a surprise! The Sylvia previews tonight (tickets 10 euro), opens tomorrow: Tuesday 26th, and runs until March 9th8pm, Smock Alley Main Space.

Rehearsal Shot for The Sylvia

Meanwhile in The Boys School, we’re teching away for this weeks shows: starting tomorrow we have:

Block Two (Salt on Our Skin by Lindsay Sedgwick and Portrait of the Artist as a Youngish Woman by Sarah Kinlen) at 6pm

Block Three (Self Portrait by Laurence Falconer,  Ape by Fried Egg Theatre Company, and /Portals/ by Skylarkin Theatre) at 7.30pm

and KATIE MAG by Jennifer Rogers and Roundhouse Productions at 9pm

Which all have shows on Tuesday 26th, Thursday 28th, and March 2nd.

Starting on Wednesday we have:

Block Four (Dangerous Felon by Roger Gregg, Cail by Cait Canavan, and High Five, Danny O’C brought to you by Risky Proximity Players) at 6pm

Block Five (Tongues of Fire by Manikin Theatre, and Uptimes by Margaret McAuliffe) at 7.30pm

and Absolution by Kelly McAuley at 9pm

… We also have our Art Exhibition opening officially tomorrow evening in the Banquet Hall, which includes photography, paintings, and live performance. 

So that should keep us all entertained for a while, then we have EVEN more shows in our final week! There’s more information on our website, or you can pop into Smock Alley and pick up a programme. And of course, don’t forget to book your tickets from or 01 677 0014 … Boom.


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