Tech: the nature documentary

I feel slightly like the theatrical version of David Attenborough at this moment:

Here I am, sitting in the darkness of Smock Alley Theatre’s Boys School; metres away from the stage, as companies complete the final tech rehearsals of Collaborations 2013 (Woohoo!).

Earlier this evening, the native creatures of Smock Alley (tech staff and festival team) cleared away the detritus left by foreign specimens (businessmen) and prepared for the ritual known as technical rehearsal … The first visitors to this carefully prepared space were Come As Soon As You Hear with their show ‘Whelp‘: a coming of age story about whether we have in fact, come of age; which will burst onto the stage as a ‘work in progress’ tomorrow (Tuesday), Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm … who knows what will happen!

This whirlwind of peacocking (sorry I can’t think of any other suitable nature words) continued with the alpha-male of ‘The Park‘ (written by Rex Ryan) smoking and sparring across the stage; then moving swiftly into the laughter and tears of ‘Awkward‘ by Camille Ross. Completing the block: ‘Pondling‘ by Genevieve Hulme-Beaman with its beautifully simple staging and gorgeous writing. You can meet them all tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday at 7.30pm … all exhibiting some truly exciting new writing.

Our final Boys School show for tomorrow is ‘Jenny is a Raver‘ … a musical of sorts, that looks and sounds amazing: you may have seen their glowsticks around the place, but they won’t be lighting up here till later. For now there is a giant map and some cowboy boots on stage, and the lights are going down for the final tech of (possibly the best title of the festival): ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gardai‘. Time to disappear back into the undergrowth so as not to scare them off.


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