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On Volunteering

In an ideal world, I’d like to be paid for all the work I do. Sadly, this does not always happen. But in the break between 1st year and 2nd year of college, I discovered that the next best thing to being paid, is getting free stuff; particularly if you have earned it. I learned this during Fringe ’09 when I saw A LOT of free shows, many of which I wouldn’t have seen otherwise; and got to  know some people well enough to go on a road trip to Galway with them all a few days later.

Since then I’ve done 3 fringe festivals, 2 theatre festivals, and coming up to the 3rd JDIFF, which accounts for plenty of free tickets, and a great collection of t-shirts to sleep/lounge in. Plus I bonded with Smock Alley (in 2010) and got a job there (in 2012), I worked at Edinburgh festival, I performed in the fringe, I bonded with many many people (one of whom I now live with), and I became mental enough to join The Jack Burdell Experience and agree to be 1/4 of the team putting on the Collaborations Festival!

Clearly, every festival is a different experience to work at, and there is some hard work to do along the way; but I like to think that Collaborations is a nice place to volunteer. It’s great to see some of last year’s volunteers returning as participants, and some returning to join the volunteer team again.

So if you enjoy a complimentary t-shirt, if you like seeing shows/events which you may not otherwise have gone to, or if you like spending time with some fellow crazy artistic people, then why not give volunteering for Collaborations a shot?! We’re also looking for a couple of interns: people who are more interested in Stage Management/Production as a career, who might have a little experience already, and who are available to be there to help us out for the full run of the festival. To apply, just download the application-form and return to by January 25th. There’s more information about the festival as a whole on

(By Emily: I write most of the blog but thought I better point it out this time since it’s more personal. Also, handy to point out since I’m coordinating the volunteers, so will be your 1st point of contact.)

Let’s Get The Party Started

That’s right, we’re fast approaching the official launch of Collaborations ’13! So why not come along on Wednesday and meet the participants, have a drink, and get a peek into the programme and everything we’ve been plotting over the last few months! Hitting the big launch date means that the party is well and truly starting with this year’s Collaborations Festival … ticket sales are opening online and from the Smock Alley box office; t-shirts, totes, and programmes are going to print; and from here on in it’s Go Go Go!

To keep up with all the latest news and information, visit us on Facebook: /jackburdellexperience and Twitter: @jackburdell (let’s get Collaborations trending, with #Collab13 !!)

For Collaborations

Collaborate by Simon Vince

I saw this on the Tumblr of ‘Oh Comely‘, which is one of my favourite magazines … pretty darn apt for what we’re doing at the moment methinks; I hope all of you who are devising, rehearsing, adapting, building, writing, polishing, and generally making at the moment; are doing well. I can’t wait to see what appears on stage!

While I’m here … Just a quick reminder that we are still looking for Artists to submit work (more information and specifications are available on the website), and for Volunteers/Interns for the festival. Also, we only have 14 days and quite a lot of funding remaining on Fund It so any support you can give us would be marvellous!

Assemble the Troops!!!

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year Jack Burdellians! We hope you all have a stunning 2013.

One of our New Year’s Aims (like resolutions that you will actually stick to) is to create the most splendiferous fantastic COLLABORATIONS festival we possibly can. Sadly doing this requires some money, so if you could support our Fund It campaign that would be much appreciated…we’ll even reward you! You also still have time to become a Volunteer if you’re interested. We were thrilled to hear today that one of our headline shows from Collaborations 2012: ‘I Was An Emperor’ has just been voted #2 in’s Top 10 Theatre Shows of 2012 … Hoorah! I have my fingers crossed that it will return one day, but for now it’s onwards and upwards from here folks – over 30 brand new shows and special events, coming right up!

Merry Christmas from Collaborations, and the JB Team!


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope you are having an excellent festive season with plenty of mulled wine and not too much present buying stress! This year we at The Jack Burdell Experience are not just getting excited about the countdown of the advent calendar; we are also looking forward to that other festive season: February 22nd – March 9th when we get to do another COLLABORATIONS festival!

When we said we wanted this year ‘bigger and better’, we weren’t kidding. Due to the amazing number of high quality applications, we had to extend the festival by a few days to fit in over 30 shows (lasting 10 minutes for our shortest One Act in The Boys School, up to 90 minutes for ‘The Sylvia’: our headline show in the Main Space.) Some will be new writing, some devised, some movement, dance, or musical! We also have a few one-off special events, talks, and of course, an Exhibition from up and coming artists of all shapes and sizes in the Banquet Hall.

There is still time to get involved if you’d like to station yourself right in the middle of the action, and soak up the full atmosphere! Artists can apply to exhibit their work (applications open soon, all the details will be here!) Or you can apply to be an Intern or Festival Volunteer … Personally speaking, I find working as a festival volunteer hugely rewarding (I’ve volunteered at the Fringe, Theatre Festival, and Film Festival): not only do you get to see far more shows than you could usually afford, and meet some wonderful people who may become great new friends or future collaborators; you also get some work experience, and really see how a festival works. Since we’re one of the smaller festivals, it’s all happening right there!

Or alternatively…

if you love Theatre but would rather see it all happen from the comfort of the audience, then you can still make a huge contribution by being one of our festival funders and giving money to our Fund It campaign. You don’t have to give millions (although we obviously won’t stop you if you’d like to), even a fiver each would make a huge difference and help us to make Collaborations 2013 the best it can be. Every penny you donate goes straight into putting the festival on, and we literally can’t do it without you! As a Thank You, we’ll reward each donation with a corresponding prize: from 5 euro which gives you our undying devotion, to 1000 euro which gives you a heap of prizes including 4 VIP Passes to the whole festival (and our undying love and devotion)! So why not start the holidays by becoming our favourite sponsor/sugar daddy?! Just click here and select an amount.

Have a very Merry Christmas, we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

The Jack Burdell Team

p.s Our website has just been updated by then very wonderful Jen Darcy … why not take a look?!

Collaborations Festival 2013: Volunteers Wanted


After the unprecedented success of last year, The Jack Burdell Experience returns with their second COLLABORATIONS Festival. COLLABORATIONS is a multi-disciplinary Arts Festival, which is running from February 22nd to March 9th 2013.

COLLABORATIONS 2013 is going to be bigger and better than last year; over 15 days we’re presenting a great mix of New Plays, Rehearsed Readings, Poetry, Dance, Art, and other excitement; with a different programme nearly every night.

 We are looking for volunteers to join our Front of House, and Backstage teams in the venue. Shifts will usually be about 3-4 hours in length, and as a thank you we would like to offer you free entry to a show with each shift you work for us, and a volunteer T-shirt. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience; see new work from some of the best up-and-coming writers, artists, and theatre practitioners in Ireland; and form new contacts and friendships.

The entire COLLABORATIONS programme will take place in and around Smock Alley Theatre. Being a small festival, you will have the chance to get to know everyone, and have a real peek behind the scenes. The passion and enthusiasm of volunteers plays a huge role in creating an atmosphere of excitement and creativity; and was a great contributor in making our inaugural festival in 2012 such a huge success.

This year, we will also be recruiting interns for Production, and Stage Management. The chosen participants must be available between February 18th and March 9th 2013 (this includes the 4 days of technical rehearsal, as well as the run of the Festival) and for some part-time shifts before this. The COLLABORATIONS Festival is run by a very small team, so you’ll be right in the thick of the action. Though intern positions will require a much larger commitment than the volunteer roles, you will also have the opportunity to gain valuable experience of Theatre, and of the inner workings of a Festival!

 As a volunteer you will be making an invaluable contribution to the whole event; we literally couldn’t do it without you!

2013 Volunteer Application Form

To apply, please fill in the above application form, and return it to with ‘volunteers’ or ‘interns’ in the subject line. Applications close on Friday January 25th 2013 at 6pm. For more information on the festival, please go to our website: